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From Barry

Taking time from your daily affairs to enjoy tea brings a moment of peace. Appreciating the ornate characteristics of tea brings pleasure and contentment. I invite everyone to bring the joy of tea into his or her own life and to share it with others. It is sure to be rewarding...


Tea has been cultivated by humanity for over four thousand years. It originated in China and has since spread acoss the globe. The desire for tea has helped to shape the history of the world, even our own history, with pivotal political events like the Boston tea party. There is a deep, rich culture behind the cultivating and drinking of tea. The styles of crafting and preparing tea known today have evolved from thousands of years of trial and error and are no less than well respected and dignified art forms....



"I want people to revel in the flavor of tea. Be intrigued by its fragrance. Savor even the beauty of the leaf itself. I’ve heard that tea can improve a person’s health and I’ve seen where it can even lift a person’s spirit. That’s why I want to bring the joy of tea into people’s lives." Barry Boullon, proprietor, Zomia Tea.

Join Barry for a tea tasting of teas from around the world!

437 Healdsburg Avenue,
Healdsburg, CA 95448

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